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 Thursday, June 29nd- Watertown- 6:30 pm

Summer Concert Series

Saltonstall Park

149 Main St


Tuesday, July 18th- Holliston- 6:30 to 8:00 pm

Goodwill Park

416 Green St


Thursday, July 20th- Arlington- 6:30 pm

Behind Robbins Library

700 Mass. Ave


Tuesday, July 25th-

Newton 1 to 2 pm

Newton Center Green

1221 Centre St


Medford 6 pm

Wright’s Pond

Elm Street


Monday, July 31st- Burlington- 6:30 pm

Town Common

29 Center St


Thursday, Aug. 3rd- Belmont 10:30 am

Belmont Public Library

336 Concord Ave


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A Story Is Told...

by The Jamberries

Released 2015
Released 2015
Blending funk, pop, rock, and a flavor of country, the tunes on The Jamberries third album has a little something for everyone. This is a wonderful collection of fun, toe tapping family songs.
The Jamberries are a band of four Dads who enjoy nothing more than creating fun family music. "A Story is Told..." is their third album, and the music has grown in new ways with this collection of tunes. These songs span many genres. From funk to pop to rock to country, this album is a collection of original material with a few covers they make their own. It truly is music that people of all ages can enjoy. The songs range from silly little stories about a boy riding his horse to a football game, to a funk version of "Who Stole the Cookie," to themes more abstract about finding the "magic" in every person. "A Story is Told..." is family music created to make everyone sing, dance, and laugh! Enjoy!