Upcoming Shows!


Saturday, March 2nd

4 to 5 pm

The Burren Back Room (Davis Sq, Somerville)

Tickets: $5 in advance, $7 at the door


More shows coming soon... 

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Toy fire truck- “Sparks on the Ceiling”

Dice- “Rollin’ the Dice”

Crayons- “Magic In Us All”

Cotton candy- “Broken Merry Go Round”

Bacon- “Daddy-O”

Pancakes- “Daddy-O”

Spinning World/Globe- “A Story is Told”

Lightening bolt- “More Like Zeus”

Mini shopping cart- “Simon Says”

Legos- “Iko Iko”

Q-tips- “A Story is Told”

Cargo shorts- “Looking Up”

Stop light- “Stop Light Song”

Horse- “Ziggy”

“Out of order” sign- “Broken Merry Go Round”

Twinkies- “A Story is Told”

Monkey- “Stop Light Song”

Sparklers- “Spark on the Ceiling”

Cookie- “Cookie Jar Funk”

Milk- “Show Me The Way To Go Home”

Giant Sneaker- “Johnny Whoops”

Chef’s hat- “Daddy-O"