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Saturday, March 2nd

4 to 5 pm

The Burren Back Room (Davis Sq, Somerville)

Tickets: $5 in advance, $7 at the door


More shows coming soon... 

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 Ethan Rossiter has been playing guitar since he was in high school. His early  years  with the 6 string were filled with sing-alongs in his kitchen with  family and friends.  But soon he began to enjoy putting his own melodies and  lyrics to simple chord  progressions, and his love for song writing began. He is  glad there are no recordings  of early tunes.  Mostly cheesy songs about  love. (Some titles: “The Love Game” and “Star Spinnin’” and “Short Hellos, Long  Goodbyes.”)

 Fast forward 5 or 6 years, his obsession for  songwriting took over (and they were getting a  little better), and he moved to NYC. Over the  course of his 6 years in the city he fronted 2 bands, Spacecake and The Hartwells, he made 5 albums and he played in different venues around New York and Boston.

Again…fast forward (back in Boston). In 2007 his first son, Jack, was born and that is when kids’ songs began to form in his head. The themes and inspiration around parenting gave him a new burst of energy to be creative. The songs you find on our 2 albums are a reflection of these years.

 And now we want nothing more than to share our songs with  you.  Our goal is to make music that can be enjoyed by all  ages…in the  kitchen, the mini-van, or down by the lake.

 We  hope to see you soon at a live show.